Face Mask/Transparent Face Mask/Food Service Restaurant Hotel Sanitary Clear Plastic Mask

Face Mask/Transparent Face Mask/Food Service Restaurant Hotel Sanitary Clear Plastic Mask

Short Description:

Our company specializes in the production of raw materials and finished products processing and customization, 20 years of industry service experience, quality assurance delivery stability.

  • Place of origin: Pujiang , China
  • The material: PS,PET,ABS+PC,PP,PC
  • Technology: Earhook
  • Use: Restaurant, Hotel, Catering, Sanitary, Hospital,Tourism
  • Color: Transparent
  • Custom tiles: Accept
  • Packaging form: By Cartons
  • Logo/Printing Logo: Accept
  • Price: Inquire with us
  • Feature: Each type size is customized
  • Sample Time: In 7 days
  • Lead Time: 3~20 days , details pls check seller
  • Specifications: Standard Size or as you demand
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    1. Good looks, stylish, light weight, wearing comfortable, convenient and portable.


    2. Has a certain space with the face, eliminating hot feeling, not causing secondary pollution due to mouth secretions from nose and mouth. Wearer can talk freely, and will not be embarrassed for bad breath odor to increase self-confidence.


    3. Non-disposable and can be reused after being cleaned and disinfected at any time, economical and practical, and can reduce environmental pollution.


    4. Can effectively block all kinds of invisible harmful bacteria and emitted droplets during unconscious communicating to avoid an unpleasant feeling brought to customers.


    5. Facial expressions can be seen through the transparent mask. Can neither block nor erase women’s makeup to increase self-confidence and demonstrate courtesy and respect to others.


    Also, The new transparent mask is elaborately designed based on facial features,

    and has a certain space between the nose and mouth, so that the wearer can breathe smoothly.

    Transparent mask is made of transparent, non-toxic, tasteless food-grade materials that are environment-friendly, and has good looks and lightweight, and is easy to wear, and can be repeatedly used after being cleaned and disinfected at any time, it is an affordable and comfortable product to wear and easy to carry. Transparent mask not only effectively separates a variety of invisible pathogens and harmful bacteria, but also abandons the traditional gauze masks with many shortcomings.

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