Manufacturers Direct PVC Transparent Packaging Box World Box Printing Daily Necessities Packaging Box Custom Plastic Boxes

Manufacturers Direct PVC Transparent Packaging Box World Box Printing Daily Necessities Packaging Box Custom Plastic Boxes

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Product superiority :Plastic polymers are durable and have good barrier properties which ensure that these plastic packaging boxes protect the product from damage during transportation and also from external weather elements.

Plastic packaging is also lightweight which reduces the transportation cost and the carbon footprints of the product. The current article details some good plastic packaging boxes for product packaging.

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang pujiang
  • Material: PVC /PETmaterial
  • Technology: UV printing, silk screen printing
  • Usage: General packaging
  • Color: Custom
  • OEM/ODM: Yes
  • Packaging Form: Outsourcing small plastic bags
  • Logo/Printing Logo: Yes
  • Price: $0.03
  • Specifications: Each type size is customized
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    Plastic packaging boxes are a new trend in product packaging. Transparent packaging boxes made from plastic are not only elegant, but they are cost-effective also.

    they provide a good view of the packaged product to the customers and helps them to make perfect buying decisions.

    Rectangle transparent plastic boxes
    This transparent packaging box was designed by us using high-quality plastic. The packaging box is quite sturdy and durable and provides good protection to the packaged product from wear and tear.The packaged product fits snugly inside the box and it keeps it secure from damage during transit to the retail stores. The box can be customized with graphics and design elements as per the requirements of the manufacturers.

    The packaging box opens from the top and the product can be put back into it after use. The packaging box helps the customers to see through it and check the packaged product inside it. They can be satisfied with the quality of the packaged product before buying it.

    clear oblong shape plastic boxes
    The packaging box has been designed and manufactured by us in an oblong shape. We have taken care of using good quality plastic polymers in the manufacturing of this packaging box.The packaging box is transparent from all sides which is helpful for the customers in making informed buying decisions.

    They can see the packaged product from outside only without having the need to open the packaging. This not only saves time for them; it also helps them to check the quality of the product before purchasing it.

    The packaging box opens from the top by lifting the flap provided on the top of it. The packaging box keeps the product safe and secure inside.

    clear rectangular PVC boxes
    This packaging box is rectangular shaped and spacious too. We have designed and produced this packaging box from excellent quality plastic resins.

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