Q:What is a splash and fog mask?
A:The anti-fog mask can effectively prevent the medical staff from splashing on the face when receiving medical consultations and treatments. This product also has a good anti-fog function, providing a clear vision for treatment.Anti-fog masks are widely used in various tasks that require operator facial protection in medical activities, and medical activities are mainly used.


PET anti-fog mask, also known as splash-proof anti-fog mask, is composed of a double-sided anti-fog transparent protective sheet, a frame (or elastic band, head-mounted mask) and an anti-dropping sponge; the anti-fog mask is Effectively prevent medical staff from splashing on the face during treatment and examination, and at the same time has a good anti-fog function, providing a clear view for the treatment. The sleeve type is composed of protective sheets, sponges and elastic bands, and the frame type is composed of It is composed of protective sheet, spectacle frame and anti-removal ear hook. This product is widely used in various medical activities that require operator’s face protection. This product is only used as splashes in medical activities to pollute the operator. It is strictly prohibited to use this product. The product is replaced by protective gear for infectious diseases such as bacteria.

Post time: Sep-15-2020