What is pet material? Modified pet materials are widely used

What is pet material? Pet material has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical properties, rigidity and strength. Its enhancement, flame retardant modification and alloying modification can significantly improve its heat resistance, modulus and toughness , Dimensional stability and flame retardancy, widely used in electronic appliances, automobiles and home appliances and other fields.

Advantages of pet materials

1. High rigidity

2. High temperature dimensional stability

3. High temperature color stability

4. Creep resistance

5. Good surface gloss

6. Easy to color

7. Low cost

Characteristics and application of modified pet material

Enhanced pet material: excellent mechanical properties, good dimensional stability, high heat resistance, good surface gloss, and good color stability. It is mainly used in automobile air-conditioning vents, oven handles, bearings, household appliances shells, etc., and the brands are PET1200, PET1300, PET1210M, PET1305M, etc.

Enhanced flame-retardant pet material: excellent flame retardancy (halogenated & halogen-free), high RTI, easy to color, in line with ROHS, UL certification, mainly used in transformer skeletons, connectors, switches and other electronic and electrical parts, the brands are FRPET1300, PETFR2300 and so on.

Alloy pet material: alloy reinforced, alloy reinforced flame retardant, alloy glass fiber reinforced, mainly used in automobile door handles, bumpers, sports equipment, etc., the brands are PET/PBT G8230, PET/PBT FR8230, PET/PC 4600, PET/ PC G4620 and so on.

pet material application: charging pile plug and socket

The charging pile is an energy replenishment device for new energy vehicles. It can be charged by inserting a plug with a wire into a matching socket on an electric vehicle. Plugs and sockets are often used, especially plugs, which are easy to fall. Only by choosing suitable materials can the performance, safety and life of charging plugs and sockets be guaranteed. The recommended material for charging pile plugs and sockets is the UL-certified PET material PETFR1300.

pet material application: electronic connector

In the past 20 years, the Chinese connector market has developed at a rate of 37% per year, which is extremely rapid. Application areas cover automobiles, computers and their peripherals, communications, industrial equipment, and aerospace and military applications. Consumers in electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, communications electronics, computers and peripherals are faster, and the market demand for connectors continues to increase.

The connector contacts are made of metal, and the number of plugs is high. Electronic connector materials are required to have good flame retardancy and heat resistance. Enhanced flame retardant PET materials are the first choice. Polyceron reinforced flame-retardant PET material has good dimensional stability and excellent processing performance. Glow wire GWIT 0.35mm can reach 900°C, GWFI 0.35mm can reach 960°C; flame retardant grade UL-94: 08mm/V0, UL- 94: 1.6mmV0/5VA long-term use temperature of 155℃.

Post time: Sep-29-2020