PVC Packaging Box Professional Customized Transparent Plastic Box Packaging Box Food Grade PET Folding Box General Gift Box

PVC Packaging Box Professional Customized Transparent Plastic Box Packaging Box Food Grade PET Folding Box General Gift Box

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Product superiority : Specific shape can be produced according to customer requirements, up and down box, up and down button box, up and down automatic button bottom box, hook box, arm box, hand box, wine box, up and down unlock type, world cover box, flat plate type, pillow box.

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang pujiang
  • Material: PVC /PETmaterial
  • Technology: UV printing, silk screen printing
  • Usage: General packaging
  • Color: Custom
  • OEM/ODM: Yes
  • Packaging Form: Outsourcing small plastic bags
  • Logo/Printing Logo: Yes
  • Price: $0.05
  • Specifications: Each type size is customized
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    Factory Direct Sales for Clear Packaging Boxes, directly shipping from our plastic boxes warehouse. We make the most popular PVC & PET box.

    If you want to import clear packaging boxes, we are your best choice! For the reason that we have been in the packaging boxes industries for 10+ years.

    Furthermore, with our high-end German imported six-color Heidelberg printing machinery, we can make sure the finest quality of clear packaging boxes.

    Also, we use the best material like PVC, PET, and PP to ensure all our clear packaging boxes safe and legal.

    In addition, we have passed many inspection reports such as ISO9001:2005. Your purchase with ALPPM is safe. Any product you decide to buy from ALPPM will not disappoint. We are sure to meet all of your expectations and then some.

    In the end, we are considered one of the best clear plastic packaging boxes manufacturers in the world. We provide the best retail plastic packaging designs.We provide wholesale PVC box from China, customized logo, no minimum quantity required! High-quality PVC boxes.

    Our professional factory provides Wholesale Logo Printing High-quality eco-friendly popular PP/PVC/ PET Plastic Packaging Box for Baby Goods.

    With 10-years experiences, we specialized in production and export PVC, PET and PP transparent packaging products. You are welcome to visit our factory.

    The usage of PVC
    Surprisingly, PVC can be used to create a safer world. It fosters creativity and innovation, which makes new possibilities every day.

    PVC can preserve natural resources and things that flow through it remain uncontaminated. It also has proven itself as a great conductor of liquid.

    In fact, most plumbing today uses pipes made of PVC. It has started an uprising and has begun taking over metal piping.

    The way it was able to do this is due to one simple fact: plastic is so much cheaper. Plastic is light, so it takes less to make and is cheap to produce.

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